Stromness News

Image.pngGeorge Mackay Brown began contributing to the Orkney Herald, a Kirkwall newspaper, in 1944, and because the Herald was seriously understaffed during the war, he wrote a great deal for it every week, though many of his pieces appeared under initials or pseudonyms or were in some instances completely unsigned. Since he immediately became the chief Stromness correspondent for the Herald, it is reasonable to assume – as Brian Murray and others have argued persuasively – that the anonymous weekly “Stromness News” column came from his pen (with perhaps some occasional paragraphs written by others). While the column, especially at the beginning, was devoted mainly to routine community news, GMB gradually, with increasing frequency, touched on themes that he was to develop more fully in his later poetry and fiction. I have therefore attempted to indicate the topics treated in the columns, mainly by recording the subheadings of the individual paragraphs. (I have not, however, listed the occasional paragraphs that are described as “contributed.”)

Below is a list of links to the columns (grouped by years).