GMB — Andrina and Other Stories (1983)

GMB. Andrina and Other Stories. London: Chatto and Windus/Hogarth Press, 1983.

156 pages. 12.5 × 19.6 cm. Dust-wrapper. Dedicated to John L. Broom.

Acknowledgments: “Acknowledgements are made for stories already printed or broadcast as follows: ‘Michael Surfax, Whaler’: New England Review and the Scotsman; ‘A Winter Legend’: BBC; ‘An Epiphany Tale’: Scottish Field; “The Chamber of Poetry[‘]: Rhythm of the Glass (Paul Harris Publishing); ‘A Candle for Milk and Grass’: Glasgow Herald; ‘The Box of Fish’: the Scotsman; ‘Poets’: BBC; ‘King and Shepherd’: Brunton’s Miscellany; ‘Andrina’: the Scottish Review, BBC; ‘The Feast at Paplay’: Scottish Short Stories (William Collins); ‘The Day of the Ox’: New Edinburgh Review; ”The Lost Boy’: the Scotsman; ‘Darkness and Light’: the Scotsman.”

Contents: Michael Surfax, Whaler — A Winter Legend — An Epiphany Tale — The Chamber of Poetry — A Candle for Milk and Grass — The Box of Fish — Poets — King and Shepherd — Andrina — Magi — The Feast at Paplay — The Day of the Ox — The Battle in the Hills — The Lost Boy — Men and Gold and Bread — Darkness and Light.

Galley proofs and typescripts for the book are in the Orkney Library & Archive (D124/14). The following stories do not appear in the book but are included among the typescripts: “The Battle in the Hills,” “The Golden Coat,” “Darkness and Light,” “The Satirist,” “Gold Dust,” “The Skald in the Cave,” “Lord of Silence,” and “The Battle in the Hills.”

Reviews: Cuthbert Graham, “The Essence of Orkney,” Aberdeen Press and Journal, Weekend Journal, 19 February 1983, p. 8. — Isobel Murray, “When Small Is Beautiful,” Weekend Scotsman, 19 February 1983, p. 5. — Valentine Cunningham, “Bucketful of Gothic,” Observer, 20 February 1983, p. 33. — Alan Bold, “Building a House of Fiction from Myth, Legend and Fairy Tale,” Sunday Standard, 20 February 1983, p. 4. 11. — Isobel Murray, “Orkney Isles,” Financial Times, 26 February 1983, p. 14. — Douglas Dunn, “The Supernatural Frisson,” Times Literary Supplement, 1 April 1983, p. 324. — Philippa Toomey, “Tales of Orkney,” Tablet 237 (2 April 1983): 328. — Nicholas Shakespeare, Sunday Times, 12 June 1983, p. 44. — John Mellors, Listener 109 (9 June 1983): 26. — Maurice Fleming, “Master of Prose,” Scots Magazine n.s. 119 (August 1983): 480. — A. D. Nuttall, “World’s Loneliest Literature,” New York Times Book Review, 9 September 1984, p. 32.

Copies: Library of Congress [Rare Books PR6052.R59 A83 1983] (two copies). — Orkney Library [Orkney Room FIC Y].

Paperback reprint (1984):

GMB. Andrina and Other Stories. London: Triad/Panther, 1984.

Copies: British Library [General Reference Collection X.958/26139] — National Library of Scotland. — Orkney Library [Orkney Room FIC Y]

Japanese translation (2006):

GMB. Andrina and Other Stories. Tokyo: Alba Shobo, 2006.

Copy: Orkney Library [Orkney Reserve FIC Y].

GMB — Foresterhill (1992)

GMB. Foresterhill. Schondorf am Ammersee: Babel, 1992.

Introductory note: “In the spring and early summer of 1990 I was a patient at Foresterhill, the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. To pass the time, I worked on a sequence of poems, imagining a medieval monastic beginning for Foresterhill. ¶ I was trying to express some gratitude, too, to the surgeons, doctors, and nursing staff. ¶ I finished the draft of the sequence at Balfour Hospital in Orkney, before coming home. | George Mackay Brown | 11 February 1991”

Contents: Cutting down Trees — Pirates — Architect — Wreck — Lowlanders — Healer — Fee — Pilgrim — Castellan — Lux perpetua — Beeman — A Scroll — Homily — Water Casks — A New Ward — Cattle Thieves — Comings and Goings — Returns.

Colophon: “Written May–June 1990 | First published 1992 | by BABEL, Gartenstraße 29, Postfach 31, | 8913 Schondorf am Ammersee, Germany, | in an edition of 300 copies, | of which 50 are numbered and signed by the author.”

Review: Ron Butlin, Scotsman Weekend, 27 February 1993.

Copies: British Library [General Reference Collection YA.1995.b.10973] — Orkney Library & Archive [Orkney reserve 800 Y/BRO] (two copies).

GMB — Brodgar Poems (1992)

Brodgar PoemsGMB. Brodgar Poems. Oxford: Perpetua Press, 1992.

Illustrated with wood-engravings by Paul Kershaw.

Dedicated to Brian Murray.

Introductory note (by GMB?): “THE RING OF BRODGAR | The stone circle known as the Ring of Brodgar stands in Mainland, Orkney. It dates from the third millenium BC. Once there were 60 stones in this perfect circle, measuring 341 feet; 27 stones remain, varying in height from 6 to 14 feet. The Ring is surrounded by a ditch which is 33 feet wide and has two entrances. The stone is thought to have been quarried at Vestrafiold on the west coast.”

Twenty-seven numbered poems (one for each of the remaining stones).

Colophon: “Handset and printed in an edition of 125 copies by Vivian Ridler at the Perpetua Press Oxford [signed by GMB and Paul Kershaw].”

Copies: British Library [General Reference Collection YK.1993.b.8875]. — Orkney Library & Archive [Orkney Room 800 Y/BRO]

GMB — Winterfold (1976)

Winterfold.JPGGMB. Winterfold. Phoenix Living Poets. London: Chatto and Windus/Hogarth Press, 1976.

Paperback (part of the Phoenix Living Poets series). Dedicated to Kulgin [Duval] and Colin [Hamilton].

Acknowledgments: “Most of the poems have appeared in periodicals and anthologies. Some of the Norse ‘imitations’ made a first tentative appearance in An Orkney Tapestry (Gollancz). Acknowledgements to the editors of The House that Jack Built (SHELTER anthology), New Poems (Hutchinson), Scottish Poetry 7 (Edinburgh University Press), Twelve Poems (Belfast University), Ring of Words (Oliver and Boyd), Voices of Our Kind (Saltire Society), New Statesman, Spectator, Scotsman, Glasgow Herald, Lines Review, Antaeus, Gambit, Ariel, Scottish Field, POTH, Mid N A G Poster poems, Akros.”

Contents: Winterfold (Bethlehem, The Golden Door, Yule, The Keeper of the Midnight Gate, Poem for SHELTER), Tea Poems, April the Sixteenth, Fiddlers at the Harvest Home, Norse Lyrics of Rognvald Kolson, The Desertion of the Women and Seals, Vikings: Three Harp-songs, The Escape of the Hart, The Sea: Four Elegies, Unpopular Fisherman, Eynhallow: Crofter and Monastery, Deor, Seven Translations of a Lost Poem, Sea Widow: Four Songs, Stations of the Cross: Nine Variations (From Stone to Thorn, Pilate, The Lesser Mysteries of Art, Hawk, Potter and Jar, The Stone Cross, Sea Village, Creator, Kingdom of Dust, Carpenter).

Reviews: Robert Nye, “George Mackay Brown: The Single Rite,” Weekend Scotsman, 24 April 1976, p. 3. — Martin Dodsworth, “Genial Strength,” Guardian, 20 May 1976, p. 14. — Gerald Dawe, Fortnight, 21 May 1976, p. 13. — E.W.M. [Ernest Marwick], Orcadian, 17 June 1976, p. 4. — Lorn M. Macintyre, Scottish Review 1, no. 3 (Summer, 1976): 35–37. — Peter Porter, Observer, 4 July 1976, p. 22.

Copies: British Library [General Reference Collection 11485.d.2/96]. — Library of Congress [PR6052.R59 W5].

GMB — Son of the Fisherman (2002)

GMB. The Son of the Fisherman. Lastingham, North Yorkshire: Celtic Cross Press, 2002.

Wood-engravings by Rosemary Roberts.

Acknowledgements: “This delightful Epiphany story was written by George Mackay Brown in December 1991, five years before his death. It is published in this special edition with the kind permission of John Murray (Publishers) Limited.”

Colophon: “This book is handset in Baskerville and printed letterpress by Rosemary Roberts at | The Celtic Cross Press | Ovins Well House | Lastingham | North Yorkshire | YO62 6TJ | The wood engravings are by Rosemary Roberts and the book was bound at The Abbey Bookbindery, Camberley, Surrey in a limited edition of 165 copies each one numbered and signed by the artist | Rosemary Roberts | This is copy number []”

Copies: British Library [General Reference Collection YK.2002.a.15703 ] — Orkney Library [Orkney reserve FIC Y].