Morgan — Profile (September 1972)

Morgan, Peter. “Profile: Bright Literary Lights No Attraction for Island Poet.” North 7, no. 14 (September 1972): 22.

“Although George Mackay Brown now has a rapidly multiplying audience his work is a vision of a rapidly disappearing way of life. Meanwhile, as the way of life disappears, he continues to record it – to tell it like it was and should be.”

Harries — Haunted by Christ (2018)

Harries, Richard. Haunted by Christ: Modern Writers and the Struggle for Faith. London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 2018.

See Chap. 11, “Edwin Muir and George Mackay Brown: Light from the Orkneys,” pp. 140–54; originally delivered as public lecture at Gresham College, 5 February 2009. (The lecture is available on the Web.)

Fraser — Moderns Worth Keeping (2005)

Fraser, Russell A. Moderns Worth Keeping. New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction Publishers, 2005.

See Chap. 7, “George Mackay Brown and the Orkney Islands,” pp. 89-100.” A tour of Orkney reveals the landscape of his poetry.

Spoils of the Sea (12 April 1949)

“Drama: ‘Spoils of the Sea’ in Stirling Festival.” Orkney Herald, 12 April 1949, p. 5.

GMB’s play was performed and well received at the Scottish Drama Finals in Stirling, but at the last minute it was disqualified because the cast had more male than female actors. The adjudicator remarked that it “was a good piece of work, by an unknown author ‘whom the audience would do well to keep their eye on.’ . . . The plays suffered because it had been written purely for an Orkney audience, and southerners, who were not acquainted with the historical background which gave it birth could not be expected to appreciate it fully.”