Pacey—Fire of Images (December 1976)

Pacey, Philip. “The Fire of Images: The Poetry of George Mackay Brown.” Akros, no. 32 (December 1976): 61–71.

“The poetry of George Mackay Brown is at one and the same time the poetry of a spinner of yarns, of a herald-at-arms, and of a Catholic creator of sacred images” (p. 61).

Claffey — Carving the Runes (2010)

Claffey, Patrick, S.V.D. “Carving the Runes: The Life, Work and Faith of George Mackay Brown.” Doctrine and Life: A Bi-monthly Review Published by the Irish Dominican Fathers 60, no. 2 (February 2010): 50–54.

A general account of GMB’s career, with emphasis on his Catholicism.

Fergusson — Poet Remembered (25 March 2016)

Fergusson, Maggie. “A Poet Remembered: Up Vistaed Hopes He Sped.” Tablet 270 (25 March 2016): 9–10.

“On the twentieth anniversary of [GMB’s] death, his friend and biographer recalls her meetings with him there and the long road that led to his conversion to Catholicism.”

See also the letter from Fr. Gerry McFlynn, 2 April, p. 17.