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See Ian Campbell, “Beside Brown’s Ocean of Time,” pp. 263–74. “Beside the Ocean of Time is, literally, about time. This essay will seek to explore some of the complexities Brown brings to the topic” (p. 263).

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See “What’s Past Is Prologue,” pp. 30–33, and, as an epilogue, GMB’s poem “All Souls,” pp. 328–30.

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See John Burns, “Myths and Marvels,” pp. 71–81. “There is something of a critical orthodoxy in Scotland at the moment which maintains that for a novel to be acceptable it must deal only with contemporary urban life. In many ways, this is a necessary and healthy corrective to the widespread neglect of such subject matter in nineteenth-century Scottish fiction, but it seems just as limiting in its own way, denying a particularly vital strain in Scottish fiction: the strain of legend and myth. This now includes many literary elements, but in essence it goes back to that extraordinary rich oral tradition of storytelling, song and poetry which is such an important part of the Scottish imagination” (p. 71). Discusses in particular GMB’s Time in a Red Coat.